Who We Are 

Meal SA is an emerging South African civil society Covid-19 reactive initiative which initially emanated through a collaborative effort by two community based organisations, Fordsburg Muslim Youth Organisation and Sandton Islamic Association, to contribute to eliminating hunger around South Africa by raising funds from the immediate community members of the organisations and their networks to initiate an active citizen campaign from the comfort of the homes of the donors, by just contributing towards a campaign “Sponsor a Bag of Mielie Meal for R60”, as simple as a single item that makes up the foundation of a food hamper.

With the demand and need rapidly increasing in a very short period and the interest from many organisations and individuals, especially those NGO’s that grouped together to form the “SA Muslim Covid-19 Response Task Team” network and already coordinate their efforts to get the reach to those most in need across the country, without duplication, hence a community effort evolved into MealSA, which welcomes civil society from all faith groups and humanitarian aid NGOs, corporates, active citizens and government to participate in the campaign to reduce the impact of hunger in South Africa and eventually contribute to sustainable food security initiatives.

Participate from your homes

With your support to fund 1,000,000 x 12.5kg Mielie Meal bags has the ability to provide 5 million meals to those lower income households and shelters in the Townships across the country that have been impacted by the current national lockdown.


To provide access to food for people in our country in need via existing distribution networks of community and government based organisations. 


A South Africa without hunger and malnutrition through the active participation and contribution by citizens that are more fortunate and can SHARE THE CARE for those in need in the spirit of UBUNTU.

Core Values guide our work: 


We are passionate and focused to eliminate hunger in our communities.


We are committed to providing healthy eating whilst reducing hunger.


We accomplish more by coordinating and cooperating collaboratively with government and non government organisations, especially community-based active networks that are experienced to achieve shared goals of reaching as far as possible to support lessor fortunate communities, without duplication or exclusion.

Diversity & Multiculturalism

Understand the diverse individual and cultural needs in our community, by focusing on core palatable food items to contribute in the elimination of hunger.


We hold ourselves accountable for achieving the greatest possible impact with the resources entrusted to us.


We embrace a culture of inclusiveness and mutual respect.


We are open, honest and transparent, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.